Special photoshoot: Konoko (Oni)

Oni is a popular s a third-person action video game developed by Bungie West.

It takes place in the not distant, bleak future. The Earth atmosphere is polluted by radioactive waste and unfit for living. Transnational corporations enjoy a large income from selling air to population.  A terrorist organization known as the Syndicate tries to steal the last chance to survive and destroy all atmospheric conversion centers which treat the poisoned air, rendering it breathable. They do it only for getting a superprofit by selling people special implants called Daodan Chrysalis, a cell which could be implanted in the human body and which would replace damaged tissue and organs as the host body experienced harm, eventually resulting in the host becoming exceptionally strong and resilient. The World Coalition Government use its police forces, known publicly as the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF), order their special agent Konoko to destroy evil plans in enemy’s residence.

We couldn’t  but appreciate elaborately replicated Konoko’s costume by Alexandra Nevskaya known as Evro. We bring to your notice a special phototshoot by Dyonya from Costime magazine.

Cosplayer: Эвро

Photographer: Дёня



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