Yaya Han

Yaya HanYaya Han costume designer, artist, model and cosplayer from Atlanta, USA. He engaged in cosplay for more than 15 years. Now on its account for more than 300 self-designed costumes. She has participated in about 100 different cosplay events and as a participant and as a leader, and as a member of the jury. Yaya starred in the TV show “King of Nerds” as a judge for two seasons, he has participated in the filming of the documentary film about the cosplay “Cosplay – Crafting a Secret Identity”, and also starred in a documentary the SyFy-series “Heroes of Cosplay”. Now Yaya produces a popular line of designer clothing under its own brand, and its costumes have won many awards around the world. Its contribution to the popularization of cosplay culture can hardly be overestimated.