Cosplay workshop “COSHERO”

   When you look at their work you may think that the real characters from movies, games or comic books came to life. These craftsmen focus on accuracy and details of their works. The Korean cosplay workshop COSHERO have answered our questions.

Hello everybody! Introduce yourself, please.

Hi! We are Korean cosplay workshop. We have two names. The first one is COSHERO, for Europe, the second one is GRUTERGI (그루터기), for South Korea. We started working in 2010. Our team consists of three people. Our main craftsman is Mr Kim (Kim Donghun, 46 years old). Then my wife Eunjo (Kim Eunjo, 35 years old) and me, Vitaly Kan. I’m 31. I was born in a small town Obninsk in Russia. When I was 24, I moved to South Korea and I still live here.


You craft costumes and different stuff for cosplayers, but have you ever made costumes for yourselves?

We didn’t have a chance to do something for ourselves, we have a very tight schedule. But we’re planning to make costumes for ourselves and attend festivals in future.


Fine, can’t wait to see your photos! How do you share opportunities inside the workshop?

Eunjo studied art and design in a British Univercity so she’s good in making details. She works out design, draws each detail on computer, sometimes she choose colors and paints. Mr Kim works out details with different machines, works with knife and electricity, paints. I make 3D-projections, work out details and I paint as well.



How many costumes and armor sets have you made already?

Oh, it’s hard to collect. We make around 150 orders each year. We receive orders for full armor sets and for some small parts also. Perhaps, total amount is 500 works.



Which costume was the most difficult?

The most difficult work was Optimus Prime armor set. We got this order before Michael Bay came to South Korea for Transformers-4 premiere. This set has plenty of details. We spent 10 days for making it.



Impressive! Only ten days for such a detailed and neat costume! Have you ever got an order from any famous cosplayer?

We made some orders for cosplay agency and for a famous Korean cosplay model Tasha.


Where are your customers from?

Mostly they are from South Korea. Some of them are from Japan also. Usually they are Japan game companies that need costumes for exhibitions. Since 2016 we’ve been working with Russian cosplayers as well. But they don’t order much because of the dollar crisis. And we had customers from Czech Republic too.

Which fandoms do you like?

We enjoy working on big projects. On breathtaking full armor sets, for example, such as from Overwatch or Warhammer.

And you do it great! Is crafting your job or hobby?

Crafting is the way of our lives. We’re working all day long and even at nights sometimes. We complete around 5 orders a week. We work hard and customers need to wait a month before we get started. The main is to complete orders on time to prevent the complaints. This is the only one source of our income.

Working with 3D printers and Worbla is nothing but a pleasure. Details have become much better and we get a lot of good comments.

Do you attend cosplay events to see your customers who wear your costumes?

Usually our customers send photos from events. We attended only 1 festival, it was Seoul Comic Con. We enjoyed watching costumes of other craftsmen and we were surprised to see Aoki and Narga from Russia.

Now it’s time for a hard question. What would you do if you didn’t meet each other and didn’t create a workshop?

It’s a hard question indeed. Mr Kim would do something similar because he can’t imagine his life without art. Eunjo would design clothes for theatrical exhibitions. I was working in a medical sphere firstly. So, maybe I would continue working there. But if we didn’t craft costumes it would be so sad for our customers!

It’s our last and traditional question: what can you wish to our readers who want to craft costumes? How they can make neat and nice costumes?

We wish you patience. It is an art work and you must thoroughly think over everything. Don’t stop learning from other craftsmen, master new techniques. We can’t say that we are professionals and usually we read crafting books and watch video tutorials.








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