Interview with cosplayer Feyische

Her name is associated with the most impressive and intricate cosplays of World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Starcaft II and many other games. Feyische or just Feya is our guest for today.

– Feya, thank you for agreeing to answer our questions. Please, tell us why did you start doing cosplay?

– Hey, everybody. I’m a cosplayer, I’ve been doing it since 2012. For the last years cosplay has become a very important part of my life. I’m a geek, so all my costumes were inspired by computer games. It started with my love to Star Wars. In 2010 I found out about Starcon festival in Moscow that was devoted to Star Wars. I’m from Odessa hadn’t ever been to festivals at that moment, so I decided to go to Moscow and see how it looked like. In 2011 I went again and then feigned Star Wars character. The first complete costume I made in 2012 was Chell from “Portal” game. I passed both parts of the game at one breath. I was captivated by the plot. I thought it was a good variant for the first cosplay. So I was wearing my first costume on Starcon in Saint Petersburg.

– How do you choose your character? Is it usually a character from your favorite game or any that you like?

– Usually characters that fascinated me. Principally I must like not only the character, but also its appearance – costume design, charm and sophistication. All of my characters are from my favorite computer games. Actually there are games I love but don’t do cosplay based on them. Now WoW, StarCraft, HotS and SW:ToR are in my top list. I crafted costumes based on WoW and ToR (Night elf Druid and Sith Inquisitor) that means myself. From HotS I made Masterskin of Silvana as soon as I got it in the game. So yes, I must like the game, the character and its costume – all of it.

– One of your most unforgettable cosplay was Silvana that brought you victory on ComicCon in nomination “The best game defile”. How was the process of making the costume and what was the most difficult?

– Technically Silvana wasn’t the hardest to make for me but I had to work with it for a while. I didn’t have much time (only few weeks) and I used Eva foam for the 1st time. Usually I tried to avoid using it and substitute to PVC. But at that time I decided to experiment. The whole surface was primed in different ways but it didn’t influence on appearance. The process didn’t stop cause I played computer games with my friends on evenings and got enough inspiration to complete it quickly and nice, I hope.
Moreover the costume turned to be bulky and it was uneasy to bring it to Saint Petersburg. Just look at this one bow alone!

– You made Silvana’s cosplay green. Why?

– Cause green is my favorite color. Even more than just favorite – I’m hooked on everything green! As for HotS, color variations help us to vary characters. There are a lot of Silvana’s cosplay but not so much in green color.

– You lived Silvana’s part, tried on her complicated character – how was it?

– I like Silvana’s character but we are different at all, so it was unusual to do cosplay of her. But I prepared a sound track for the show, put on Silvana’s replicas and was listening to it about 150 times. It helped me to be confident on the scene and settle into the part.

– Let’s speak about that participation in ComiCon. What were your impressions and what do you remember the best?

– I already liked the last year ComicCon so I didn’t doubt if to go or not. The transportation was the hardest part but everything else was fine. I didn’t regret about the trip not even once. Besides meeting with friends and my victory I consider as a positive factor the scale of the festival. There were even more outstanding costumes this year! I can hardly remember any disadvantages cause several months has passed already. It means they were unimportant anyway.

– What were your first thoughts when they called your name as the winner in nomination “The best game defile”?

– It was not for nothing that I wore my “lucky trousers”. Of course I was glad! There were so much great costumes and I was delighted that I won in such a nomination. It’s always pleasant to win.

– What makes you tick while choosing another character for cosplay?

– I like the process of crafting the most. Every time I try using some new techniques, develop my crafting skills. I’ve loved crafting since I was a child and it’s turned to be useful in cosplay. I love to compete also, it’s always a good challenge for me.  Besides, I met a lot of nice people while doing cosplay.

– Can you remember the brightest moment in your cosplay career?

– My victories, I think. One of the most pleasant was the last year victory in ComicCon in Saint Petersburg. I wore costume of Razor from Dota 2 that was uneasy and I won in the nomination “The most technologically difficult costume”. As far as I love crafting process, especially using leds, this nomination was highly pleasant.

– What will be later?

– I will do more and better! And I want to spend time not only crafting costumes but also video the process of crafting. I’ve already started to practice.

– Are you going to record just the process or make video tutorials?

– I’d like 2 in 1 – the process with comments.

– Crafting such awesome and tricky costumes must be complicated and expensive process, how do you make the first step?

– Usually I start working as soon as I fall in love with a character and when I get inspired. That’s what makes me work. It can be hard when I have time limits and I must work for 14-16 hours a day. That’s how the last costume that my boyfriend wore had been made. When you almost don’t sleep or eat it’s hard to get inspiration. In such case I tell myself: “I didn’t do so much work for nothing. It looks cool already. And I’ll complete it!” So I get inspiration from my character and from good result as well.

– What is your hobby except cosplay? How do you spend your free time?

– If you are cosplayer you don’t have much free time. It takes much time. But I manage playing computer games with my friends in evenings such as WoW or HotS. I like reading, by the way, but currently I read only in transport.

– What can you advise to beginners? Is there any universal recipe for success?

– First, do what you really love. In such cases your result will be better. Don’t be afraid of doing smth by yourself. Don’t believe that only talented people are successful and don’t give up. It’s not talent but hard work. Try and you’ll reach success!


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