Interview with cosplay photographer Dorian

Her works are full of otherworldly magic, atmosphere and definitely won’t leave you indifferent. A talented cosplay photographer from Krasnodar known as Dorian has answered our questions.

Hey, Dorian! Let’s introduce you to readers. Tell about yourself, please.

Hello, everybody! I’m a cosplay photographer from Krasnodar nicknamed as Dorian. In daily life I’m Anna, age 22.

Is photography your main occupation?

Yes for now. I spend a huge amount of time doing it. And during my free time I study new things that can help me improve my skills in photography.

Do you get your living by taking pictures?

Yes, most of my income I get from photography.

Tell me, how did you start?

It’s a long story, actually, but I’ll tell you shorter. It all stated from cosplay, I guess. In 2009 I joined Krasnodar cosplay society and later I did cosplay by myself.


We had a quite big cosband and frequently cosplayers had to shoot each other with their own cameras.
By nature I’m a visualizer, and when I see the picture turns alive just in front of you, it becomes smth incredible. It was a real discovery for me, I became interested in photography and I’m still crazy about it.

So, you got to photography through cosplay?

Yes, I can say so. I’ve been drawing since I was a child, so I would have been interested in photography sooner or later, I suppose.

Did you get any photography education or did you study by yourself?

Nope, it’s a shame, but I even didn’t attend any master classes. I’m lucky in this perspective because I studied drawing in Adobe Photoshop so editing photos in AP was easier for me. Moreover, currently we can find any information on the Internet. Just don’t be lazy and sift unnecessary stuff.

Several of my familiar cosplayers have started shooting recently. What do you think stimulates them?

Oh, there is a plenty of factors. Cosplay is quite an expensive hobby. Renting studio and paying photographer takes a lot of money. Besides nobody will make the same picture as you imagine. And you don’t have to wait long.

Is it possible to learn taking outstanding art photos or you must have a special gift?

I guess that talent doesn’t exist at all. You can get anything by hard work, strong will and giving a huge amount of time to it. They say Rome was not built in a day.

Are you a persistent person? Do you like setting high goals and reach them?

I’m a stubborn person! If there is some idea in my head, I’ll hardly give it up.

Why “Dorian”? Is it a reference to your favorite character?

I’m not good at nicknames but they are crucial in cosplay society, as you know. At that time I had read “The Picture of Dorian Gray” (obviously) and was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s style and how beautiful the name sounds. Later I decided to change it but I was well-known as Dorian already.

Tell me about the geography of your creative work. Where did you make photosessions?

I’ve been traveling for a year now, so I visited only a few towns: Rostov, Novorossiysk and Moscow.

Is there any photosession you are proud of the most?

Every photosession has its own story and each of them I love in its own way. But if you want me to choose one, it will be our the first “Life is Strange” shooting. We were shooting in the 40 Celsius degrees heat, but photos spread on the web quickly somehow.


Do you remember some technologically difficult photosessions by chance? May be you had to use some sophisticated tricks?

There is a couple. One was shot with Kamiya. It was a first time when I shot one person as two characters and later combined several frames in one.


The second we were shooting for seven hours with a big cosband by “Homestuck”. It was the first time when I did smth like that. Models had to stay still for a long time being poured by paints. For one picture I had to combine eight or ten frames.


What kind of cosplay do you like to shoot the most? Anime, manga, movies, games or smth else?

I love cosplay based on games and comics but I don’t get the chance to shoot it often. Much depends on the idea and costumes difficulty. Sometimes I get inspired by the way how cosplayer realizes a character despite the origin – anime, manga or movie.

Is there any special fandom you’d like to make an ideal photosession by?

Silent Hill! That’s what I’ve been crazy about and studied a lot of material. Don’t know how it would look like but I would do my best for 100%!

In conclusion I want you to give a short farewell speech for the beginners and people who are just wondering how to cosplay and take photos. How to begin shooting and reach success?

I’d like to say this: don’t be afraid of negative comments and critics on the Internet. Don’t give up if smth is wrong or smb doesn’t like your work. Probably these people will want you to shoot them later. (I know it, believe me!) Finally, the most important advice is – don’t be afraid of experiments, try smth unknown, break through the limits of comfort zone and learn smth new everyday!

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